About Me

Hi I’m Rachel, a blogger and writer from North East England. When I’m not writing you can find me down the beach walking my sausage dog Rusty, pouring over tarot cards or curled up with a book somewhere.

I write about the things close to my heart; disability, bisexuality, feminism and general nerdy things. In 2017 I elected to have a hysterectomy and wrote my first poetry collection as a way to get through the pain. Phoenix: Notes on Rebirth is available on Kindle HERE.

My bylines include Metro UK, Huffington Post, the i Paper and Hello Giggles.  You can see my full portfolio HERE.

As a disabled writer my income is dependant on my health, if you like what you read please feel free to pop me a few ££ over on Paypal or Ko-Fi

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    Lovely to read you blog. I suffer from Crohn's and Lupus too so I can completely relate to your symtoms. Some days I feel a wreck but then I just pick myself up, smile and carry on x


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